War Co. is a 45-60 minute post-apocalyptic sci-fi card game for 2-6 players.

Milena Guberinic, Mina’s Fresh Cardboard
A very smart game with a unique theme and glorious art! I loved the interesting decision points and tension.

Set after the War of 2620, War Co. is about war, scarcity, and making hard choices. The objective: run your opponent out of cards. You can win with raw muscle, unpredictable traps, or plain old patience.

Rafael Cordero, Ding & Dent
A lot of care is given to every facet of this game and it pays off.

The objective of War Co. is simple: survive to the end. Be the last player with cards left in their deck and/or hand. All players start with 50 cards. Cards are like your health in this game.

There are three basic strategies to win:

  1. Attack aggressively. Make your enemy discard faster.
  2. Outsmart your enemy. Set up traps and play combos.
  3. Bide your time. Manage your hand and defend yourself.

There are two types of cards:

  1. Machines. These cards can attack and act as your offense and defense. You can play up to 3 at a time.
  2. Technologies. These cards cannot attack. They change the rules of the game. You can play up to 2 at a time.

Machines attack people or other machines. You can attack once per turn. If your enemy has no machines, you attack them directly. They lose 3 cards from the top of their deck as a penalty.

If your machine has at least one machine and you choose to attack, you must attack a machine. This is an indirect attack. If your machine is stronger, your enemy loses their machine and the top card from their deck as a penalty.

Every turn, you go through four stages in order:

  1. Draw cards.
  2. Place cards.
  3. Attack.
  4. Discard one card from your hand.

You draw until you hold between 4 and 7 cards. You ALWAYS discard one card from your hand at the end of the turn.

You can play cards facedown and flip them up at any time. The card’s effects take place as soon as it’s turned up. This gives you the element of surprise.

Every card that’s face-up on the field takes energy. You get 10 energy to split between your cards. Go over and you have to fix it by discarding cards.

Every game comes with yellow and blue counters. Yellow counters help you track energy and blue counters help you track events.

These are the abridged rules. You can download the rules by clicking the link below.

War Co. is minimalist in design and in components. Each box comes with five things:

  • 50 cards
  • 1 reference and story card
  • 1 strategy tips card, specific for your deck
  • 1 punchout board with 35 counters – blue on one side, yellow on the other
  • 1 manual

There are six starter decks in the game: Bruiser, Conspirator, Guerilla, Militant, Trickster, and Wildcard. You can play them straight out of the box or mix and match to create new combos. Each starter deck always contains the same 50 cards. Every set of War Co. comes with the six starters decks for a total of 300 cards.

Dez, Australian Tabletop Gaming Network
It is simple and yet very strategic. There are some rather beautiful mechanics to this game.
Michael Heron, Meeple Like Us
You directly [duel your opponents] through the careful deployment of your most effective cards. War Co. has the subtlety and nuance of Netrunner…there’s a whole espinoage and counterespionage subgame in here.
Grant Klienhenz, The Players’ Aid
This is a good game, plain and simple. After playing, I can tell it is well thought out, designed, and put together.

Tabletop Simulator: This is a $20 Steam game where you can play all sorts of board and card games online. We’ve made a War Co. plugin. You can find a link to its Steam page here.

Plain Text Print-and-Play: I have print-and-play files on the website. They’re plain text cards. War Co. uses a dark palette, so I did this on purpose so you can save on ink!

The cost of War Co. shipping couldn’t be simpler! Shipping is free to the USA and $9.99 for everywhere else!